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  • Dwin Collins

    Shepherding [[Brandymuck]] as best he can, Dwin is very straight forward for a politician. Being one of the towns only governing officials in such a small town means that you can never promise anything without risking a punch in the eye if you fail to …

  • Corwin Dracon

    The towns blacksmith, he has until recently been under the financial yolk of Sir Thomas Dushond Rupeer. He was also rocked by the discovery that his long time apprentice Charles Mcday, murdered Sir Rupeer. His feelings on the affair are not yet known.

  • Kosh Silly

    Owner of the only real store in Brandymuck. He recently was relieved of much of his debt with the death of Sir Thomas Dushond Rupeer, as well as the subsequent loss of promisary notes showing how much he owed.

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